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 Passive Homes

Designing a Passive Home with Big Twig Homes

Choosing to have a passive home built means choosing a company that knows how to make the three elements of such a house work properly. The three elements of a passive home include air ventilation, windows and doors, and the envelope. At Big Twig Homes, we are experts in creating such a low energy and efficient home just for you.

Passive homes are new to the United States, but they have been quite successful throughout Europe. Big Twig Homes hopes to provide more and more passive homes to people living throughout Maine. Just what is it that Big Twig Homes has to offer, making us stand out above other options? Choosing an architect to build a passive home should mean choosing an architect with the right qualifications. Here is what Big Twig Homes has to offer.

Big Twig Homes is certified with the PHIUS (Passive House Institute United States). Because we are certified, they have been through training and experience that allows them a better ability to build passive homes. Big Twig Homes may make use of the PHPP software (Passive House Planning Package) that is available from the PHIUS.

Big Twig Homes has already built passive homes. Anytime that you can choose an architect with past experience, you will be guaranteed a better experience. Big Twig Homes has already successfully used PHPP software to identify the right design for passive homes and complete the construction in the best possible manner. We are glad to share details of the experience we have with you.

Of course, when you want something special, like a passive home, built, then you will have questions. After all, having a home built is a big deal. Big Twig Homes is ready to answer your questions about the home design, the PHPP software that we make use of and how we can put together your own home. Be sure to ask how heating options are handled and how ventilation will be put together. There is no question too big or small. We will be glad to answer them all.

At Big Twig Homes, we have a team that is experienced, trained and certified to create passive homes that include custom design, proper energy efficiency, and the beauty of a cedar log home. If you are ready to have your own passive house built, then contact us today! We will be glad to get started in making your dream a reality!