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 Energy Envelope System

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We at Big Twig Homes know how important it is for you to have an energy efficient home. This is why we offer Katahdin cedar log homes that include the R-23 Energy Envelope System. If you do not know what this system does, you can learn all about how it can make your home much more energy efficient right here.

How Does the Energy Envelope System Work?

The heat flow that makes it through the wood of your home to the interior is referred to as the home’s R-Value. Materials that have a higher R-Value will be more energy efficient since they can resist the flow of heat better. We have spent a great deal of time finding ways to increase the R-Value in log homes and we have previously been able to increase the R-Value by more than 50%. That is simply nothing compared to the energy envelope system, which increases the R-Value by a whopping 156%!

You will not lose the beauty of a log home when you choose the energy envelope system either. We do this by creating a log exterior for its rustic beauty and then we begin the system behind the exterior. This includes a layer of foil faced insulation that is 1.5 inches thick. Next, we create a sealed air space as a buffer and we finish with an interior tongue and groove cedar. Not only is the energy envelope system more energy efficient, but it also makes wiring your home extremely easy.

Continuous Insulation

One thing that you will find is that the R-23 energy envelope system can provide better insulation and energy efficiency than any other option, including homes that offer fiberglass insulation or framed construction. In conventional homes, the insulation is broken up by a frame of wooden beams. These beams allow heat in and out, so the insulation is not continuous. With the energy envelope system, the insulation is continuous throughout the exterior of your house for the best in energy efficiency.

When you build a home with us, we will make use of the energy envelope system and we can even help you go a step further by offering you such options as Anderson Windows, Therma-Tru Doors, and vented double roofs. All in all, you can have the most energy efficient house possible, all with the beauty of a log home. If you would like to consider the envelope insulation system for your own home, then contact us today!