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 Kathadin Cedar Log Homes

Big Twig Homes is glad to be a part of Katahdin Cedar Log Homes, who has been a top leader in the cedar home industry for many years. Since 1973, Katahdin has been offering cedar log homes to residents throughout Maine. Because of the location, we have a chance to make use of the best materials and in addition, we have top experience and ability to provide the best cedar log homes available. We even take the time to create homes in the most cost effective manner possible in order to keep homes high quality but at the price of pine!

Here are a few of the things that you need to know about us here at Big Twig Homes and Katahdin Cedar Homes.

Access to the Best Materials

We can make use of the large stands of northern white cedar in Maine. This wood is beautiful, durable and perfect for log homes. The largest stands of the cedar in the United States grow in Northern Maine, and we can make use of them to build homes for our customers.

Because we know that the cedar and other materials that we use are of high quality, we offer a 25 year warranty. Our customers can rest assured that their Katahdin cedar log homes will offer many years of beauty and usability without a problem.


When we choose cedar for the homes that we build, we put all of the materials through a five step inspection process. We do not use any subpar materials, and that is why we can offer top quality homes to you. The best part is that we work hard to provide these homes to you at affordable prices! Our Katahdin homes include beautiful and durable cedar logs, but they rival pine material homes in price!

Energy Efficiency

Katahdin homes go beyond the minimum when it comes to standards for energy efficiency. We are well aware of what is required for insulation and efficiency by the government. We do not just meet those standards. We exceed them, and our customers will enjoy the benefits of a well built and efficient cedar log home of their own.

High Quality

Katahdin Cedar Log Homes has been providing top quality houses to the people of Maine for decades. If you wish to learn more about home designs and the options that you could choose, be sure to contact us today. We will be more than happy to help you find your dream home.

Whats so special about Cedar?

Our northern white cedar protects your log home’s interior against heat and cold better than any other type of commonly used wood. Many other builders use pine logs. Traditional pine logs have 2.5 times more water content than Cedar logs. The large amount of moisture in pine can lead to a number of problems like cracking, splitting, shrinkage, setting, air seepage and rot after your home is built.

  • Highest degree of energy efficiency
  • Decay and rot resistant
  • 8 times longer life than pine
  • Natually insect repellent
  • Weighs 20% less than pine